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Ecoria Resources Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 26th February 2019. We aim to bring the best products and services to you.

Terengganu Silica Deposits

Our silica deposit is located in Dungun, in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. This area is strategically located to customers in the centre of Asia. Our silica products have a purity ranged from 95% to 99.9% SiO2 with low iron oxide content and no interfere of colour.


Terengganu is well known for its silica resources diversity either naturally deposited, tailing sand resources and hard rock. The study of the silica resources in Terengganu was started in 1976 which emphasised on natural silica sand deposits along the coastal line and continued until 1990.


In 1998, the study of silica resources from tailing sand was conducted in RMK-7 and a follow up study on natural silica sand deposits was continued in RMK-9. A follow-up study on the silica resources from hard rock in RMK-10 was started in 2011 and continued in 2012. Based on the study that was conducted, a total area of 49.4km2 have been identified viable for silica resources with the total reserves of 77 million tonnes.


Silica grade ranges from Grade-D to Grade-H commercial sand specification, MS701: 1981. The average content of SiO2 ranges from 95.5%-99.7%, Fe2O3 (0.015%-0.83%), Al2O3 (0.12%-2.44%) and TiO2 (0.01%-1.75%). The colour of the silica resources ranges from white grey to light brown, subangular-subrounded shape and moderately well sorted for natural silica sand deposits while the hard rock resources composed of polycrystalline quartz minerals.


Silica sand is a basic mineral used in glass industry, ceramic and refractory, as well as the production of silicone that’s needed in semiconductor industry. Silicone is important in electronics industry because of its natural reaction to metal. In high temperature, it is able to conduct electricity whereas in low temperature, it acts as an insulator and does not conduct electricity.


The value of silica sand is based on its chemical and physical properties other than high silica content. The presence of foreign objects such as clay, iron oxide and chromite must be avoided. Fe2O3 will cause a certain colour to the glass industry while TiO2 and Cr2O3 do not melt in the process of glass making and produce black spots.

Our Specialities

Developing Silica for Future Technology

#Large reserve of high purity silica in Asia & Oceania
#Geographically located to clients in Asia & Oceania
#State-of-the-Art Mining Technologies
#Breakthrough innovation for silica optimization
#Dedicated private port for handling silica products
#Fully covered storage & loading facilities
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Our Ports

The Kemaman Port at Terengganu is a port established by government and dedicated for the allocation of our silica stockpile and the export of silica products to the customers locally and globally.